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Sign up in Full for Munay Ki Rites (Three Workshops) in Staffordshire

with a £60 Deposit


The full course is facilitated over 3 workshops 



Sunday 15th September 2024
Sunday 17th November 2024
Sunday 12th January 2025


Munay Rites with Kim Ora Rose 


This is to pay the deposit £60 for the Munay Ki Rites course.  The full payment is  £295 for the three workshops and materials and there are different payment plans for this course.  See below 


Deposit £60 (Non Refundable)

Payment Plans Available
Option A - Pay in Full
Option B - Pay Deposit £60 plus 3 payments of £78*
Option C - Pay Deposit £60 plus 6 payments of £40*

*Paylinks or Invoices will be sent for the payment


(Non-Refundable - unless the course is cancelled)


After signing up with your deposit we shall send you details for the three workshops 

Munay Ki Rites Course Deposit

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