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Sign up and Pay in Full for the Magdalene Priestess Course 


If you Pay in Full you receive £61 savings and a free 60 mins Soul Intuitive Guidance with Kim worth £150 


Temple Doors open on 11th January 2024 this is a year long course, there are 8 core Sabbat Workshops plus White Flame Teachings and 13th Rite of the Womb


This payment is partially refundable if you drop out before you have received 4 Sabbat Workshops you will receive 50% Refund. 


This payment will secure you a place and will be your payment for the full course.


If you are unsure book a FREE Magdalene Priestess ZOOM Chat with me to discuss the Course. 


The Course is taught with Three Audios for each Sabbat with ongoing feedback and support and an invitation to for a Ceremony at a Sacred Place at the end.   Scroll down for the link to book a Free Call with me 


This is a deep transformation year of workshops 


Mary Magdalene Priestess Training 2024 Pay In FULL

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