Inner Child Healing Reading

Inner Child Healing Reading

Inner Child Healing Reading with Lemurian Starchild Oracle layout and cards, this is an in depth reading which includes a 7 card layout and identifies any blockages, healing needed to be released, your unique gifts, potentials, life purpose and connects you to your Lemurian guides and opens your heart chakra wider.   The reading will last at least an hour maybe longer including Lemurian Healing energy too to help release any blockages.  

The reading will be over skype or telephone and information about the cards selected will be emailed you after the readings.  Kim is an experienced clairvoyant, seer and has been giving readings for over 40 years.

  • How to receive your Reading

    After purchasing your reading we shall contact you to arrange a suitable time for the reading, this can be over skype, zoom or other.