I have been meditating since the early 2000s and it is an integral part of my life, it was part of my relaxation when I had a busy career, a time for me to switch off and an empowering part of my spiritual path.

I used to facilitate guided meditations and I continue to do these at workshops and online zoom events.  I channel everything that my spiritual team wish to me to convey so if you receive or attend one of my meditation classes they are uniquely and divinely gifted from the Divine Council of Light. 

Find my facebook group for live meditations and youtube channel 

Image by Darius Bashar
Image by William Farlow

I used to run weekly meditation classes and I am hoping to start these up again soon.  If you are interested in joining a meditation class either in person Burton on Trent, or on Zoom please contact me.



These Meditations are to accompany my book Mystical Flower Guardians for healing - there will be more added soon

Image by Jakob Owens