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22 Day Joyful Abundance Course

22 Days Joyful Abundance Course

Focus on letting go of your resistances to living a fully joyful abundant life and opening up with Mary Magdalene to more abundance in  your life


Rose Temple 

Joyful Abundance 22 day course

Starts 1st August 2019 - New Moon 

This course will help you to unlock abundance in your life and bring more Joy and Pure Love.

It has been developed with some teachings from Mary Magdalene, Anandamayi ma, Reiki Teacher Paula Horan, Lemurian Starchild Oracle cards and my own teachings. I hope you enjoy the experience.

You can receive the daily activities via email or the Rose Temple Facebook group, there will be information and daily meditations to listen too.

Join us by visiting the Rose Temple Facebook Group -

The meditations will be short so they can be listened to in your busy lives and there will be extra bonus meditations to listen too.

During the course you may wish to discuss different things that come up, you can message me for short answers via fb or text 07580551979 (Whatsapp) or phone, or in the group if you wish or alternatively I shall offer Soul Abundance Readings/ Consultations for £33 per session which can be booked with me.

This course is free - donations are invited via paypal to kgutteridgeuk@aol.com

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Following on from this course Part Two 22 days to Pure Love & Oneness starts 1st  September 2019

This Course finished on 22nd August, the meditations are still available and the ebook to see the intentions and daily plan of meditations. 


What People are Saying ......

I started the course a few days late however I completed all 22 days. The course was 7 meditations, each meditation was repeated 3 times over 21 days. I found the meditations to be very profound. I felt that each time I did the same meditation something would come up that needed to be released. I felt alot of love in each meditation helped me release my "stuff". I felt a deep sense of support & reassurance from the meditations. Kim is a lovely teacher. She has a lovely sense of humour & made me feel very relaxed. I do feel.there is a positive difference in me, following the programme. I feel lighter in myself & more at peace. Thank you Kim xxx

by Z


Review of 22 Days Abundance Course

"Thank you so much Kim for part one of the free abundance course you so kindly shared. During those 22 days I felt lots of cleansing was taking place from the physical body removing density from my bones and muscles that caused pain and aches, particularly in the hands. I remember you telling me a few months back I used to have power in my hands but I lost it, well I felt the trauma of this was being cleansed away by the power within those 8 meditations. As a result, I am able to connect more strongly with my spirit team and receive lots of creative inspirations. I do not feel the resistances I once experienced when implementing new ideas or when taking action on something. I feel doubt has been replaced with a willingness to just try with the feeling of excitement and curiosity in my heart. I am so grateful to you Kim for offering this as it has certainly made a very positive impact on my life so far." J.Keall


21 Days Unity  Consciousness Abundance

Breathe, Connect, Awaken

Image by Spencer Davis
Image by Anita Austvika

Dive into the Blue Consciousness

21 Days course has 7 core meditations embedded with high vibrations flame energy and words to raise your awareness and vibration to oneness, unity consciousness with the Divine I AM with the support of the Light Council - starts on Sunday Sept 1st

This course is Totally Free with ebook to support your journey into the Unity Consciousness 



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